Agricultural Solutions

Benefits of installing our natural permanent magnetic systems (Environmentally –Friendly Magnetic Systems)

When we magnetize water for irrigating plants, gardens and flowers the following can be gained:

⦁ Improving the physical-chemical properties of water as a direct impact of magnetic fields on the water.
⦁ Increasing the dissolving capability of the water, leading to a better assimilation of different kinds of nutrients and fertilizers in plants during the vegetation period.
⦁ Dramatically decrease the side effects of highly saline water and soil when used for irrigation and cultivation purposes.
⦁ Significant wash out and better ventilation of saline soil and improved cultivating quality with time.
⦁ By using magnetized water slow and weak growing plants, gardens and flowers can be remarkably improved.
⦁ In some cases better verdant, stronger smell and yield.
⦁ Using magnetized water can significantly cut down on fertilizer use.

Our main focus is areas with salty water and soils. Irrigation with magnetic systems has the following benefits:

⦁ Washing accumulated salt on the surface and inside lands as a direct result of irrigation with magnetic water.
⦁ Significant reduction in plant diseases, as a result of dramatic decreases of salts and elimination of different types of fungi that might grow around the roots of plants.
⦁ Significant improvements of weak growing plants.
⦁ Water saving specially in the summer time, due to the higher permeability of magnetic water into the soil and less exposure to heat.



2” Magnetic system energizer used in a farm in Sri Lanka, 2011.

The picture on the left Irrigated with magnetic system energizer, the picture on the right is a sample of plant irrigated without magnetic water

The grass on the left side of the picture Irrigated with magnetic water, the grass on the right side is the non-magnetized

Or magnetic ECO systems fixed in Nadec famous dairy Farm, KSA

Al- Wehabi Farm, Riyadh, KSA .The magnetic system is indicated by the blue arrow.

The far-left plants are irrigated with magnetic water. The middle and right planted are not treated with magnetic water. The temperature was close to 45 C. Al-Kharj Nursery, KSA (The magnetic systems are not seen in the picture)

Our ECO-systems fixed in a golf club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cucumber irrigated with magnetic water (right picture, where the magnetic systems are wrapped in the plastic bag shown in the red circle. Non-magnetized water cucumber in the left side of the picture.

Our magnetic systems fixed in an organic farm in the city of Gormely, Ontario, Canada